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Scalp Soothing Comb

Scalp Soothing Comb
$22.00 each


The perfect solution to reaching an itchy scalp that is hidden under nets, braids and weaves! This special comb was invented to soothe that itching many experience while wearing extensions, braids weaves and wigs.  The special curved design of the teeth allow the user to slide the comb under the weave foundation to soothe and massage the scalp without disturbing the braided base, net or extension hair. A beveled tip for the  teeth was added to avoid irritating the skin. Because the teeth are curved to conform to the head shape, vigorous scratching is not necessary. The back and forth sliding of the comb on the scalp will gently yet effectively sooth and stimulate the scalp. The design allows the user to slide the comb around the entire headshape soothing up into the crown areas of the head.

The Scalp Soother is a must for everyone who enjoys the convenience and versatility that hair weaves provide but hate having to insert random, pointy objects in their weave to get relief. No more head patting.  This is a MUST HAVE.

*Due to the varied braid tension of each individual hairstylist, please allow 7 days after a new install to use the Scalp Soother. Please do not scratch vigorously! Use with caution.


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